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Associate Professor, Political Science; Corresponding Fellow
Paula Baker
Associate Professor, History
255 Dulles Hall
Paul A. Beck
Academy Professor of Political Science
2189 Derby Hall
Janet (Jan) Box-Steffensmeier
Divisional Dean, Social and Behavioral Sciences
2049S Derby Hall
John L. Brooke
Arts & Sciences Distinguished Professor of History; Warner Woodring Chair in American History; Professor of Anthropology; Director, Ohio State University Center for Historical Research
273 Dulles Hall
Dean, John Glenn College of Public Affairs
300 Page Hall
Department Chair, Dreher Chair in Political Communication and Policy Thinking, Professor of Law; IDEA Steering Committee
2022 Derby Hall
Clinical Professor, Moritz College of Law; Senior Fellow, Election Law at Ohio State
Drinko Hall 255E
Professor of Communication, Professor of Political Science (by courtesy)
3139 Derby Hall
Professor, Moritz College of Law; Director of Election Law @ Moritz
357 Drinko Hall
Kevin  Freeman
Program Coordinator of the Politics, Society, and Law Scholars program
134 Denney Hall
Social and Behavioral Sciences Distinguished Professor Emeritus
2176 Derby Hall
Donald  Hubin
Professor Emeritus - Founding Director Emeritus, Center for Ethics and Human Values
350 University Hall
C. William O'Neill Professor in Law and Judicial Administration; Director of Clinical Programs; Legislation Clinic Director; Deputy Director, Election Law at Ohio State; IDEA Steering Committee
Drinko Hall 255G
Associate Professor, Political Science
2004 Derby Hall
Professor, John Glenn College of Public Affairs; Director of Doctoral Studies; IDEA Steering Committee
350Q Page Hall
Eric MacGilvray
Associate Professor, Political Science
2026 Derby Hall
Benjamin  McKean
Associate Professor, Political Science
2114 Derby Hall
Professor, Political Science
2066 Derby Hall
Josef C.N.  Raadschelders
Professor, John Glenn College of Public Affairs; Associate Dean for Faculty; Faculty Director Professional Development Programs
350D Page Hall
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs; Clinical Professor of Law, Moritz College of Law
333 Drinko Hall
Nancy Rogers
Professor and Dean Emeritus, Moritz College of Law
367 Drinko Hall
Associate Professor, Moritz College of Law
204 Drinko Hall
Jacob E. Davis and Jacob E. Davis II Chair, Moritz College of Law
467 Drinko
Wendy Smooth
Professor, Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies; IDEA Steering Committee
286E University Hall
David Stebenne
Professor, Moritz College of Law and Department of History
240 Dulles Hall
Daniel P. Tokaji
Professor, Moritz College of Law
Piers Turner
Associate Professor & PPE Coordinator; Director, Center for Ethics and Human Values
368 University Hall
Inés Valdez Valdez
Associate Professor, Political Science
2072 Derby Hall
Christopher J. Walker
Associate Professor, Moritz College of Law
Tom Wood
Associate Professor, Political Science
2018 Derby Hall
Jack  Wright
Professor, Political Science
2062 Derby Hall


Director of the Institute for Democratic Engagement and Accountability (IDEA); Professor of Political Science and (by courtesy) Philosophy, Communication, and Public Policy
2058 Derby Hall


Senior Fellow
Associate Director, IDEA
2049k Derby Hall


Jon Green
Ph.D. Student, Political Science; IDEA Fellow
Jon Kingzette
PhD Student, Political Science; IDEA Graduate Fellow
Laura Moses
PhD Student, Political Sceince; IDEA Graduate Fellow