American Deliberative Panel


About the American Population Panel

The Center for Human Resources Research (CHRR) at The Ohio State University, a research center that has 55+ years of survey expertise and large data project management. The CHRR collects basic demographic information from participants in order to match them with a diverse array of studies. IDEA is partnering with CHRR to create a sub-panel, representative of the country as a whole, that can be contacted to participate in Deliberative Town Halls and other deliberative constituent engagements.


What are the Benefits?

Traditionally, students find research opportunities through friends, faculty recommendations, or scrolling the internet. This approach is not only time-consuming but is also often ineffective at giving students the opportunities that most suit their interests. Participating in the American Population Panel makes the process of finding paid and suitable studies much easier for students. Through signing up, students obtain a personal approach designed to pair them with paid and interesting opportunities that they can make meaningful contributions to. The benefits of this program aren’t just for students, however; research groups gain hardworking students who will likely benefit the research. 


More about the Program

The American Population Panel was established in 2017 to ascertain how to best connect students with potential research opportunities. As of May 2022, there are more than 45,000 members. The information the student provides in the registration process is how the APP matches them to the needs of their surveys. As an example, if a study is investigating breast cancer in women ages 45 and older, a corresponding survey will be sent to panel members who fit both the gender and age requirements of the study. More information about the program may be found at this link