The Institute is involved in several ongoing projects, listed here.

Common Ground for Action: A Deliberative Platform for Engagement

Partnering with the Kettering Foundation, the Institute makes extensive use of an online platform called Common Ground for Action (CGA) to host deliberative forums on a variety of salient political issues. For example, as part of the First-Year Success Series, the purpose of which is to provide resources for first-year students to integrate into college life smoothly, the Institute held two dozen forums in Fall 2016 on economic inequality to provide an opportunity for students to learn how to cope with the transitional challenge of participation in and engagement with a new and diverse community. The report from these forums can be accessed here:

Common Ground for Action Ohio: The Opioid Crisis

The Institute is currently involved in a research program utilizing the CGA platform to analyze informed, deliberative public opinion on the opioid epidemic in Ohio. The goal is to have people from all 88 counties participate in discussions.

Speaker Series

Throughout the year, the Institute hosts talks and presentations by scholars from OSU and all over the world. To view upcoming talks, please visit our events page. If you are interested in presenting as part of the Speaker Series, or would like to suggest a scholar to bring to campus, please email